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Bespoke Custom jewelry - ring in workshop

Custom jewellery handcrafted
just outside of Owen Sound Ontario Canada.

At Bobbi’s Jeweller Erynn specialize in handcrafted bespoke custom jewellery to celebrate the important moments. Creating unique engagement rings and wedding bands, or reusing materials from a family heirloom to make a new design that holds sentimental value.

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One of the nicest things about a bespoke piece is not only knowing who made it but the added connection of being part of the process yourself. Erynn will work with you each step of the way to realizing a one of a kind design that truly represents your personality and style. Every bespoke commission is different which is why we love them.

An overview of what to expect
Before we begin, it's important to have a clear idea of budget, so Erynn can advise you on the materials and techniques used to achieve the best results. 

Image of a gold ring with round sapphire and Erynn's jewellery sketches

1 - The Process

The bespoke process usually starts with a chat via email so Erynn can get a feel for what you would like. It is great to see any images or reference points you may have, though at this stage it's not necessary to have a clear design in mind. Erynn can guide you through the different design options and material choices. If you are local to the area booking a showroom appointment to discuss custom work is available.

Image of Erynn's sketches and ring on work bench

2 - The Design Process

Once we know the design direction, Erynn can begin to work on a selection of ideas, these sketches will be emailed to you, and we can arrange a consultation either in person, or by email to discuss the designs in more detail. From your feedback the designs will be refined, and final designs will be created for you to choose from. Once a design has been selected we require a 75% deposit to enable us to start making your design.

photo of Erynn's workbench with rings in progress

3 - Making

The benefit of a bespoke/custom process everything is made using traditional techniques in Erynn’s studio. We will send you progress shots from the bench and regular updates. Keep in mind that a bespoke piece takes a long time to make, depending on the complexity of a design between 3-8 weeks. It is always best to contact us as early as possible and keep in mind that at busy times of the year we will be working on multiple commissions at once so turnaround times may change.

photos of completed rings

4 - Completion

Once the piece is finished we will send photos for your approval. You can collect your jewellery in person, or it can be packaged and shipped

For All Bespoke/custom  Enquiries Please Email Erynn: Bespoke Custom Gallery

Gallery of various custom rings and jewelry from Bobbi's Jeweller