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Your Showroom Adventure Awaits


I thought it would be fun for me to share a short guide of my local recommendation, to turn your showroom appointment into a romantic adventure. 

A guide to your showroom adventure! 💗🤩

When planning your trip to my showroom, food of course comes up and finding a nice place to eat, makes the trip even more enjoyable :)

Just minutes from my showroom located at Cobble Beach  The Sweat Water restaurant is a fabulous place to dine in, or grab takeout for a picnic hiking adventure. I have had the pleasure of enjoying many dishes through there at home-delivered meals, during the pandemic. I am sure you will enjoy anything off the menu, but I recommend the pizza and parmesan fries. https://www.cobblebeach.com/Dine

Indian falls - Bring a picnic and hike to the falls. Alternatively, Balmy Beach Convenience is just across the road from the park, where you can grab a beer or some wine, as they have an LCBO or, an ice cream cone as a non-alcoholic treat, and walk the trail to Indian falls. Indian falls is located 5-10 minutes from my showroom. They have parking and washrooms.

https://www.greysauble.on.ca/portfolio/indian-falls-conservation-area/# (Currently closed for the winter but will be open in the spring)

 My running trail, is a low-key trail that takes you on a loop around the most enchanting forest, fields, and marshlands. This trail is located less than five minutes from my showroom and has parking. https://ontarionaturetrails.com/trail/lindenwood-side-trail-loop-bruce-trail/

It wouldn’t be a showroom adventure if you didn’t end up at my showroom at some point! :)

An appointment with myself Erynn Guild your designer, to take a personal viewing of my current collection, discuss custom work, and ring sizing and go over your questions and concerns.

It’s an absolute pleasure to offer a space dedicated to meeting up with clients in person. The showroom experience allows for a whole new level of connection. It is an intimate, relaxing and comfortable space. I can’t wait to share with you. :)

I am currently booking showroom appointments for spring/summer 2022 May - September please send me an email at bobbisjeweller@gmail.com to get your adventure started.


Till next time XO