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Bobbi’s made to order process - Creating your ring

What happens after you place you order?

step one - your order comes in I (Erynn Guild) get a notification with all your details; your ring of choice along with your ring size and any details you added to the notes.  

step two - depending on what you order I may have to source your gemstones from my suppliers and get your metal shipped to my studio.


step three - once I have all the supplies together I can start creating your design.

step four - creating and shaping your ring. Each ring is created in your size with the intention of it sitting on your finger. Settings are created with each order to fit your gemstones of choice. Each gemstone is set by hand in my studio. This is the cool thing about Bobbi’s since I am a qualified stone setter I am the one that does the stone setting.

step five - once the stones are set and the ring is shaped to your size. I add the texture to each ring; textures are applied by hand using simple tools one ring at a time. Then I give each ring a polish and clean so they look all shiny for shipment.


I absolutely love creating each ring just for you and your loved ones it brings my heart so much joy. I am super grateful to have the honour of creating each ring. 

I hope you enjoyed watching and learning about my made to order process. If you have any questions or thoughts please leave me a note!

till next time,

Erynn do