The sentiment of karat gold jewellery

Something so small can hold a world of meaning. The sentiment that gold jewellery holds is between the wearer, and the piece of jewellery they bestow.

Although there are many reasons for the sentiment. I am sharing three of my favourite ways jewellery holds sentiment. 

1. The person who bought it

For example, this puffed heart (from my collection) is well-loved, and one of the most sentimental pieces I own. It was gifted to me by my now husband years ago. It’s so sentimental to me since I was going through a rough time, and was purchased as a daily reminder to help me feel loved.

2. The message it holds 

For example, this message inside of this band is “all will be fine”. A personal message engraved on the inside of the band makes the ring, even more special, and serves as a reminder of the sentiment, an important message, or a date to remember.

3. The colours and there  meaning

The sentiment colour can bring to a piece of jewellery is truly limitless. For example, in the above image, there are all sapphires, yet they all hold different meanings. The blue sapphire can mean the height of celestial faith and hope, while the yellow sapphire can mean divine grace and power. All gemstones have special meanings behind them. Looking up the meanings can be as easy as a google search. Alternatively, the meaning could be the wearer's favourite colour, or a birthstone of a loved one.

I hope I have opened your minds to a few ways that jewellery holds sentiment, and that you can look at your sentimental jewellery and appreciate the meanings that you hold so dearly.

till next time xo