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Mother's Day at the Women's Centre

Welcome to my first blog ever!!!!! This one (Mother's Day at the Women's Centre) is a bit of a special post and I thought it would be extremely fitting as a first.

Earlier this year I opened up a show room for clients to meet look over rings discuss custom work etc. While cleaning up the sunroom I found some of my sterling silver designs. I though to my self wouldn't it make more sense to do something with these items of jewellery instead of just packing them away for another few years or who really know how long.

Fast forward a few months later and I was brainstorming ways I can giveback to the community and then the idea of gifting the sterling silver pieces to the Mother's at my local women shelter in Owen Sound came to mind.

By gifting my jewellery it was my goal to uplift the women that are being so strong during these crazy times with a gorgeous piece of jewellery to make them feel valued loved and special. 

As I prepared each piece of jewellery to gift the women currently at second stage housing and the women's shelter I was taken back by the pure joy in my heart felt to be part of such an uplifting moment for Mother's Day 2021. 

I thought about what it would mean to receive such a lovely gift during Mother's day and how it would make the women feel. Maybe they would feel special and loved even if it is a gift from a complete stranger. The piece of jewellery could symbolize their strength as the move forward and be a symbol of their strength to find a better life not just for themselves but for their children.

Why the Women Shelter?

Well about thirteen years ago I was in the same shoes as the women currently in the care at the women's centre. Leaving an abusive relationship, loosing everything and rebuilding my life, working on myself and healing. All while protecting and raising my daughter who was around 3-4 during this time (currently 16 now).

I left my abusive relationship in the middle of the night with my daughter, my dog and a basket full of the bare necessities that I could carry.

The life I was tangled up in before that night was not the life I wanted, nor was it a good place for me to raise my daughter. So, I decided it was time for me to change that. I chose to lift myself up and create a life for us that we deserved.

Second stage housing was a place for me to begin on that journey. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity they gave me, to rebuild my life for myself and my daughter.

It only felt right to give back to the Women's Centre and uplift the women in their care as I could never thank the Women's Centre enough for providing the space I needed to leave and recover from an abusive relationship.

What a full circle experience this was for me. Saying goodbye to some of my Sterling Silver works while honouring my past. 

I Hope this Mother's Day is filled with soon much Love for all the amazing Mother's reading this post.

I will leave you this month with a quote from Mitch Albom

"Behind all your stories is always your mother's story, because hers is where yours begins."


till next time XO Erynn.


Jewellery from @bobbisjeweller

Images by Erynn Guild

Nails by @foxxsalonandspa