Male engagement rings

The jewellery industry is ever moving forward, and when it comes to 2021 the engagement ring, and what it means is beginning to take on a new form. The male engagement ring!! A perfect ring to celebrate your commitment and love for your significant other. Whether you are in a same-sex relationship or an opposite-sex relationship, male engagement rings are in demand and gaining lots of popularity.

Men are starting to enjoy having a ring to represent their engagement, to display a symbol of their commitment in an equal fashion as their partner. I can’t help but feel that a male engagement ring does break tradition. This movement is an opportunity to make it a new tradition, a more inclusive tradition with a less masculine and feminine role. I love the idea of picking out a special engagement ring for my partner to wear. I think he would love to wear a ring symbolizing our engagement when that time comes. I do believe men enjoy the way an engagement ring makes them feel, because an engagement is such a joyful moment full of emotion. The way an engagement ring makes one feel is incomparable to any other ring.

Now that you're on board with the idea of a male engagement ring. (Or at least curious about it) You may ask yourself??? What does a typical male engagement ring look like? Although I do believe there are no creative boundaries to a male engagement ring, there seem to be a few popular designs I would like to share.  


1- A traditional wedding band 

Many wedding bands on the market are lovely choices for a male engagement ring, they just are not labelled male engagement rings but the jewellery industry is starting to step up and add rings that are specifically labelled as male engagement rings.

2 - A band with a single gemstone
Such as my new white sapphire gents engagement ring that I am so excited to offer. 

3- A Custom creation

Custom can be an amazing opportunity to create a special one-of-a-kind design for a gents engagement ring. I love this option because you get to decide what your male engagement ring will look like making the ring so unique and special.

 I'm so excited to offer a male engagement rings because love knows no boundaries and inclusivity is important. 

till next time!