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Female proposals making room for new traditions

Have you noticed the popularity rising in female proposals? whether it is a same-sex, or opposite-sex relationships, females have been popping the question.

Yellow gold male engagement ring with a white sapphire on a males hand

This concept of females proposing is amazing to me. When considered it takes a lot of pressure off the male to propose, and females don’t feel like they have to wait to be proposed to. It’s kind of a win-win situation.

Female proposals make us think? When we are deeply in love why does sex make a difference in a proposal? Why in a modern world are we stuck on the tradition of a male proposing? Well yes, the age-old tradition is to have the man prepose, but in 2022 it's so different. Old traditions are cool and all but having  a more modern approaches to engagements, and making the tradition your own, by choosing to propose as a female is awesome.

So how does a female proposal look? Well in all honesty whatever you desire it to look like. Some thoughts I have are. When typically imagining an engagement ring we often think of a very feminine style of a ring. When a female is proposing to a male, the ring can have a masculine style instead. A common theme seems to be a band, but adding a little sparkle only makes sense to me. Creating an engagement ring for a man has unlimited possibilities.
Couples are getting professional photography to capture the moment. They are announcing their engagement, and taking the time to show how awesome it is for females to propose. Socially we are all totally in support. Why not? love is a special thing and when you choose to commit, to propose no matter what your gender, it's special and deserves to be celebrated.

I guess the question is how do I feel about this? and could I propose as a female? 

I absolutely would yes!, and I’d love the idea of dual engagement rings. That’s right both partners should have an engagement ring…. think about that one. Why not? I would love to create a custom gents engagement ring for my fiancé to wear. So we both enjoy the newness, and excitement that you feel when you have an engagement ring. Many couples are opting for dual engagement rings. It’s really exciting. 

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 Till next time!