Spirituality is a huge part of my life, I have been so interested in self development and connecting with my higher self all my life. I guess It only makes sense that I would be so intrigued by the spiritual meaning behind gemstones.

So I have dove into this knowledge to feed my curiosity and so far I am loving the connections that gemstones have to spirituality. I mean these are belief systems passed on for thousands of years and really stayed the same throughout cultures. It is clear to me that gemstones are a talisman from mother earth for people to connect with.

I am going to try to incorporate more gemstone knowledge on my blog and sharing the spiritual meaning behind gemstones is one thing that I want to continue to share! The subject is quite fascinating and people from every walk of life can appreciate this knowledge.

This post is all about the spiritual meaning behind White sapphires. All sapphires have spiritual meaning, I chose to focus on white sapphires because it is a staple stone at Bobbi’s Jeweller and I work with this gemstone a lot. Naturally it was the first gemstone I studied and researched.

So lets get to the good stuff and share the knowledge!

White sapphires bring wisdom and strength of spirit.  Carries an extremely pure energy for clarity of thought and opening the power of the mind.  This gem is associated with great luck and fortune and attracts abundant prosperity and happiness.

Helps guide and strengthen you while overcoming obstacles to one’s spiritual path.

  • communication
  • focus
  • intuition
  • fairness
  • objectivity

White sapphire also bestows the people who wear it, particularly in marriage and gives the people abundant happiness carries pure energy to balance your mind and soul. Making the white sapphire a perfect engagement ring.

So cool right! I now wear my white sapphires with deeper meaning!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Till next time XO