In this article 10 ways to be more creative you will learn how to tap into your creative self. As a jewellery designer it is part of my job to be creative, But not only that these days it seems like we all have to have a little bit of creativity.  Creativity can be incorporated it into our businesses,  jobs and overall lives. Having a creative skill set is definitely an asset. So let’s find ways to grow and inspire our creative sides.


1- Find your creative space – This could be physically, mentally or even both.  I have a studio where I create my jewellery, but when I am taking pictures for instagram I mentally put myself there.

2- Create just to create – I am a huge fan of no preasure creativity. It feels good letting your creativity flow and be what it wants to be. Try it out it is so freeing and awesome.

3- Create daily – This is an amazing practise to really wire your brain to think creatively. Having a small creative project like taking one creative photograph a day or drawing once a day and keeping a journal of this is a really fun project that you will be able to admire after a year of doing this!

4- Find other creatives and technics in your artistic niche–  I follow a lot of amazing designers on instagram they really inspire me to create more jewellery.  I also love to research gemstones looking for a gem that inspires me to create a design.

5- Create with others – Collaborations can be really beneficial  when you work with someone else you can feed ideas off of each other and brain storm a bunch of creative ideas.

6-   Write down your creative goals – Writing your goals down puts things into perspective, and gives you a chance to think about how you can achieve your goals.

7- Give yourself a subject –  Sometimes having a focus allows us not to overthink or overwhelm ourselves with projects we will never accomplish. One time I was part of a show where the theme was blue, it was nice to have a theme it gave me a great focus and the pieces turned out great.

8- Look to nature – Nature is a master at creativity, it is hard to go on a walk outside on a trail and not notice the beauty nature has to offer. Taking in the beauty nature has to offer can stir up your creative juices, and inspire you to create. This is my most favorite tip as so much art has been inspired by nature and has inspired my designs as well.

9- Listen to music – Music is a great way to get you into the zone of creativity. I really like to listen to meditative, relaxing music when I create for someone else it might be a different genre. Either way music is a great tool to help you create more.

10 – Have fun!! – creativity is an energy moving through you let it happen have fun with it and them let is go and you will have amazing results.

Hope you enjoyed my list of 10 ways to be more creative! Here’s to creativity!

Till Next Time OX