100% recycled silver and gold


Every item of jewellery is handcrafted, made with quality and the intention of durability over time.

Although it is our goal to create long-lasting pieces of jewellery we do have errors from time to time. 

To honour our goal we offer a one year guarantee on all items of jewellery.

Our Guarantee

It's not complicated, we keep it personal.

If you purchase a piece of jewellery within the year that needs repair it will be covered at no charge 

to you besides the shipping it costs to send your item back to Bobbi's Jeweller.

So long as your item of jewellery is in need of repair due to an error on our behalf.

Typical repairs are breaks, lost or broken stones, replacement of post, etc.

Please email Erynn Guild @ bobbisjeweller@gmail.com 

So we can personally go over your repair to make things right!

Even if you have any questions regarding an item in the online store or regarding a recent purchase 

Erynn Guild is dedicated to creating lasting connections as your Jeweller.